Pariplay BC Online Casinos Software Review 2024

Last Updated: March 1, 2024 Overall Rating: 7/10

In recent years, the online gambling industry in British Columbia has seen an increase in the number of platforms and providers that are striving to offer players top-notch gaming experiences. Among these, Pariplay gaming software provider is notable for its high-quality casino offerings.

Pros and Cons of PariPlay software:
  • Extensive game portfolio
  • High-quality bingo and lottery games
  • Advanced mobile gaming technology
  • A wide range of bonuses and promotions
  • Limited game variety
  • Con Text Here
Software Review Rating: Game Variety Rating: 7/10 Game Quality Rating: 7/10 Progressive Jackpot Rating: 6/10 Game Update Frequency Rating: 7/10
Software Info: Website: Since: 2001 Demo Mode: Yes Available on Mobile: Yes Progressive Jackpots: Yes Live Dealers: No

Find the Best PariPlay Casinos for 2024

    # Casino & Rating Match % Bonus Min Dep
  1. 1
    -% CAD 0 CAD -
    # Casino & Rating Match % Bonus Min Dep
  1. 1
    Mr Play Casino
    100% C$ 1600 C$ 10
  2. 2
    200% C$ 500
  3. 3
    Betiton Sports
    -% CAD 10
  4. 4
    -% C$ 0 CAD -
  5. 5
    CasinoDays Casino
    -% $ 0 CAD -
  6. 6
    100% $ 750 CAD 15
  7. 7
    Lyra Casino
    200% $ 500 C$ 20
  8. 8
    100% $ 750 C$ 30
  9. 9
    Northstar bets
    100% CAD 1000
  10. 10
    -% $ 0
  11. 11
    100% C$ 200 C$ -
  12. 12
    Casombie Casino
    100% $ 500 CAD 30
  13. 13
    22 Bet Casino
    122% CAD 300 C$ 20
  14. 14
    Prince Ali
    100% CAD 1000
  15. 15
    Spinzaar Casino
    -% CAD 2
  16. 16
    Omni Slots Casino
    100% CAD 300
  17. 17
    100% $ 1000
  18. 18
    Spinsbro Casino
    115% CAD 590 $ 28
  19. 19
    Bet99 Casino
    100% CAD 400 $ 20
  20. 20
    VIP Stakes Casino
    100% CAD 300
  21. 21
    100% CAD 200
  22. 22
    Casino NetBet
    100% CAD 200
  23. 23
    -% C$ 0 C$ -
  24. 24
    PlayFrank Casino
    100% CAD 100
  25. 25
    Rabona Casino
    100% CAD 100
  26. 26
    -% $ 2
  27. 27
    Winlegends Casino
    100% CAD 700 C$ 35
  28. 28
    100% CAD 100
  29. 29
    CasinoChan Casino
    100% CAD 100 C$ 20
  30. 30
    100% $ 200
  31. 31
    Vave Casino
    100% CAD 450 C$ 20
  32. 32
    Amazon Slots Casino
    -% C$ 0 $ -
  33. 33
    PowBet Casino
    100% $ 750 CAD 20
  34. 34
    125% CAD 1000 C$ -
  35. 35
    Hell Spin Casino
    100% C$ 100 CAD 20
  36. 36
    House Of Spades Casino
    100% CAD 500 C$ 20
  37. 37
    God Bunny Casino
    100% C$ 250 $ 20
  38. 38
    FoggyStar Casino
    100% CAD 1 CAD 20
  39. 39
    Slots Palace Casino
    100% $ 500 CAD 20
  40. 40
    JackBit Casino
    -% CAD 0 CAD -
  41. 41
    PiratePlay Casino
    100% $ 500 $ 20
  42. 42
    100% CAD 500 C$ -
  43. 43
    100% CAD 500 $ 20
  44. 44
    GreatWin Casino
    100% C$ 500 CAD 20
  45. 45
    Oxi Casino
    100% C$ 100 $ 20
  46. 46
    Omni Casino
    100% $ 100
  47. 47
    100% C$ 500 C$ 20
  48. 48
    Lucky Kong
    100% $ 500 $ 20
  49. 49
    Winning Days
    -% CAD 3000 C$ -
  50. 50
    100% CAD 100
  51. 51
    100% $ 250
    # Game & Rating # of Reels # of Paylines Jackpot
  1. 1
    5 40 2500
  2. 2
    Jack in the Box
A Lightning Roulette with a few playing cards, chips, and a few rolling dice for top pariplay casinos in BC

Top Pariplay Casinos for Players in British Columbia

For avid players in British Columbia, the increasing popularity of this software provider has not gone unnoticed. Its presence is felt strongly among some of the top online platforms in the region, leaving players with a variety of quality choices. Below is a review of the top casinos in BC that stand out in terms of their offerings and overall player experience.

A few playing cards with a casino reel and casino roulette for pariplays popular games

Pariplay's Popular Game Selection

The online gaming industry has seen numerous software providers over the years, but one that consistently stands out in terms of quality and innovation is Pariplay. Their diverse range of softwares is loved by many, especially in British Columbia. From their top Pariplay slot titles to a many other engaging casino entertainment options, this provider ensures that players always have something interesting to play.

Why This Software's Games Are Loved in BC

There are many reasons behind the growing popularity of Pariplay softwares among the gambling community in British Columbia (BC), and these include:

Top Pariplay Slots

Some of the top Pariplay online slots are titles such as:

Progressive Jackpot Games by Pariplay

Pariplay has introduced progressive jackpot titles like Treasure Temple. These are games with a high volatility as well as a big win potential. The shared excitement and potential for huge wins are what make these games stand out.

Pariplay's Table Games and Live Dealer Options

Pariplay's expertise isn't limited to slots alone. Their table game selection, including the likes of American Roulette High Stakes and European Roulette High Stakes, caters to players who love the traditional casino experience.

The introduction of live dealer casinos has changed the online gambling industry in BC. By replicating the ambiance of physical casinos, they provide an immersive experience that's hard to rival. With advancements like high-definition streaming and real-time interactions, the experience feels real, making players feel as though they are in a brick-and-mortar casino.

A laptop with some business pie charts for discovering pariplay

The History of Pariplay

In the online gambling industry, it's hard to ignore the significant contributions of Pariplay. Over the years, the popular software provider has become synonymous with innovation, quality, and engagement, offering players and operators a unique blend of gaming solutions.

The Evolution and Origins

Founded in 2010, Pariplay quickly became a recognized name in the iGaming industry. As the brand grew in popularity, it became a part of Aspire Global, a renowned iGaming solution provider for operators. With a global footprint, it has offices located in different regions including Tel Aviv, Gibraltar, Malta, Bulgaria, and India.

Recognitions and Awards Received by Pariplay

Pariplay's dedication to excellence hasn't gone unnoticed. In 2018, the brand proudly received the Mobile Gaming Software award at the EGR B2B Award. Their commitment to innovation and quality was further acknowledged when they secured the Casino Product of the Year award at the Prestigious Global Gaming Awards London in 2022. Such recognitions undeniably highlight the quality and reliability of their software in the competitive iGaming industry.

An Overview of Pariplay's Software Features

Pariplay's success is based on its diverse software offerings and the innovative features they possess:

A laptop with some tech images for pariplay tech innovations

Technological Advancements by Pariplay

In an industry driven by innovation and player demands, Pariplay stands out as a modern and responsive software developer offering diverse game types. Through constant advancements and understanding of modern requirements, their offerings have made them one of the best online casino provideers.

Compatibility of Pariplay's Software

The success of any online gaming platform depends on its accessibility, and this renowned software provider has recognized the importance of cross-device compatibility:

HTML5 Integration: Ensuring that all options are accessible across desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and even land-based gaming establishments, Pariplay has adopted HTML5 technology. This not only assures smooth gameplay but also reduces the need for any additional installations.

Seamless Browser Experience: Players using diverse operating systems—be it Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android—can enjoy the gaming catalogue without compromise, all within their browsers. Such flexibility improves the gaming experience, especially for BC (browser-compatible) users.

Enhanced Graphics and Immersive Sound Effects

Visual and audio features play a major role in dictating a player's engagement level. In this section:

High-Quality Graphics: Advanced graphics not only provide an aesthetic appeal but also streamline the user interface. This aids in player retention and attracts newcomers, ensuring they can interact with and understand the game effortlessly.

Sound Design: Well-crafted sound effects serve as an integral gameplay component. From helping one navigate challenges to improve their overall experience, sound can significantly boost gameplay and player engagement.

Pariplay's Commitment to Security and Fair Play

In online gaming, security and fair play are important. Pariplay's dedication to these principles is unwavering:

Reputable Licensing: Pariplay's software is backed by licenses from some of the most strict gambling regulators globally. This not only assures the games' fairness but also their adherence to global standards.

Random Number Generation (RNG): The RNG system, foundational to online gaming, guarantees unbiased outcomes. The company ensures that its RNG algorithms provide transparency, thereby reinforcing fair play.

Independent Audits: Beyond holding licenses, Pariplay undergoes independent audits that further validate the randomness, security, and fairness of their games. Such audits ensure that the games provide the advertised winning chances and aren't skewed in any manner.

Different gaming code editors, gears, and UI icons for pariplay vs competitors

Pariplay vs. Industry Competitors

In recent years, the online gambling industry has grown exponentially, leading to increased competition among software providers. Here, we will explore Pariplay slots, online casinos, and understand what makes top casino sites so unique.

 Although a relatively new provider,, Pariplay has made a significant mark in the industry, especially with its slots. To understand its standing better, it's essential to compare Pariplay to other top software providers in the online casino industry:

Unique Features That Set Pariplay Apart

Pariplay has created a niche for itself in the competitive online casino industry. Some of its standout features include:

Diverse Gaming Options: While it is acclaimed for its slots, the company also offers a variety of lottery and bingo games.

Mobile Gaming Excellence: In an era where mobile gaming is important, the software provider ensures that gamblers have an optimized experience. Their dedicated team focuses on mobile gaming technology, allowing seamless play on various devices.

Innovative Bonuses: It not only offers standard bonuses but has also developed engagement tools like Pariplay Tournaments and the "Spin that Wheel" tool to improve user experience.

These features significantly enhance BC players' enjoyment, offering them a gaming experience that is both engaging and technologically sound.

Examining the Company’s Market Share and Player Base

Pariplay, despite having a smaller games suite, has shown promising growth in the industry. The rebranding of its game development studio into Wizard Games highlights its commitment to delivering top-notch games, which can be seen at various casino sites. The collaboration between Playgon and Pariplay, where the latter will add Playgon's offerings to its content library, further highlights its expanding market presence.

Future projections for them seem promising. Given their dedication to innovation and quality, and partnerships like the one with Playgon, the company is set to capture a more significant market share and expand its player base in BC and beyond.

Pariplay's collaboration with global bodies and its licensing across multiple jurisdictions reflects its potential for further growth. As the brand continues to innovate and release new games, its popularity among users in BC is expected to increase, promising a bright future in the online casino industry.


In this in-depth review of Pariplay Gaming Software for BC Players, we've seen the undeniable appeal of this casino software for the BC gaming community. For those who are on the lookout for the best Pariplay casino, the offerings are diverse and plenty. Each Pariplay casino bonus has been designed to improve the gaming experience, making it lucrative for both beginners and expert gamblers. It's no surprise that games by Pariplay are gaining traction, given the superior quality and variety on offer.


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Meri Zimic is our Head Content Publisher on, with more than five years of expertise she is well versed in the online gambling space. Not a native of BC, but following the British Columbian market since the release of the first BCLC website.

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